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Why Does Transform 42 Inc exist?

In our fast-paced, tech-dependent landscape, smart evolution is vital but often missed. At Transform 42 Inc., we recognize the core components of successful change: people, process, and tooling. We partner with organizations, crafting and implementing their strategic growth.

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We saved a big bank tens of thousands of working hours.

In close partnership with a prominent US bank, we amplified their PPP loan processing capabilities by leveraging our process analysis and introducing tailor-made tools. This streamlined operations and saved an impressive 100,000 working hours. This rapid turnaround accelerated the process of providing loan assistance to businesses and solidified the bank's reputation as a dependable ally. Our success in this venture underscores our commitment to delivering tailored solutions that resonate with the unique challenges faced by B2B executives.

Optimizing technologies for a B2B SaaS, saving them $2M annually.

We teamed up with a SaaS company eager to grow, but struggling with tech problems. Their slow processes and issues were costing them money. Our experts partnered with their leaders to fix these issues. By optimizing their tools, we saved them $2 million each year and helped them expand to new countries. We solved their tech problems and improved their processes for operation. Our partnership helped them save money, overcome tech challenges, and grow successfully.

Training for efficiency, saving millions of dollars.

We helped an aerospace client go Agile, despite challenges from within. Our team trained 50+ people in Agile, customized to their needs, which led to various benefits, such as better risk control, faster projects, and enhanced teamwork. They finished projects a year early and saved over a million dollars. We also spread Agile practices for flexibility and efficiency. We helped them succeed, save, and create a better work environment.



Our Consultants Helped Our Clients Generate


Working Hours Saved for Companies Through Process Engineering

Number of Different Countries We Helped Expand Operations to

Avoiding Digital Transformation Failure

It would seem that while there is widespread agreement regarding the benefits of “becoming digital,” there is much less clarity on those digital strategies and tactics that will secure successful outcomes.
Where to start, how to proceed, and what it takes – in practice – appears to elude most organizations.  
Download T42’s insights, ‘Avoiding DX Failure’ to learn more.

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Strategic Partnerships

We're committed to building robust, long-term partnerships with our clients. During every phase of our collaboration, maintaining an open dialogue is our priority. Together, we'll craft shared metrics, providing a tangible measure of our collective achievement.

5 Steps to Take When Choosing a Consulting Firm

There are more than 900,000 consulting firms in the U.S. (nearly 2.5 million globally) offering business management, risk management, technology, and financial services consulting.  
Consulting engagements can range from strategic advice to implementations of new processes and tooling, and workforce augmentations.
So how do you choose? How can you assess a consultancy’s fit for your business before you engage? Download T42’s insights, ‘5 Steps to Take When Choosing a Consulting Firm’ to learn more.


Emerging Technologies

Being at the razors edge of technology, Transform 42 Inc. provides innovative, scalable solutions, future-proofing your business. We harness digital tools for transformative operational changes, delivering exceptional results that align with your vision.

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Customized Frameworks

Transform 42 Inc. tailors' structure for your unique business needs. We start with proven industry methods, tailor them to your needs, and focus on your future success, all while helping to create tomorrow's gold standards.

Digital Transformation Assessment & Planning

Whether your company is just starting a digital transformation, facing challenges with a current project, or struggling to scale, you will benefit from an outcome-based approach to digital transformation assessment and planning.      
Leveraging more than a decade of experience, T42 delivers targeted assessments and strategy recommendations that target quantifiable results.      
Your business will benefit. Your employees will benefit. Your customers will benefit.


Customized Frameworks

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Cost Saving

Greater operation insights leading to cost savings.

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Customer Relationships

Customer Insights from multiple sources leading to greater acquisition, relationships and retention.

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Process Optimization

Process optimization between the business and customer.

Transform 42 Inc

Digital Transformation for
Optimal Business Results

Transform 42 Inc focuses on maximizing value of not only our
clients but their end customers.


Wide Range Of Industry Experience

Unlocking your business potential through our extensive industry expertise.


Creative Team

Empowering businesses with creative team solutions for innovation and success.


Customer Satisfaction

Delivering customer-centric solutions for exceptional satisfaction and success.

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Serving as your trusted partner in IT Consulting, Transform42 Inc. focuses on delivering measurable outcomes through Agile Transformation and Digital Product Design. We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our tailor-made solutions.

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