Digital Transformation Assessment & Planning

Where you are, where you need to be, and how to get there

Whether your company is just starting a digital transformation, challenged by a current project, or struggling to scale, establishing realistic goals via improved definitions of challenges, opportunities, scope, and outcomes is critical. T42 digital strategy assessments are designed to help you accurately assess your existing state, define what success looks like, and create a roadmap that gets you there.

The Challenge

There are significant time-sensitive pressures. Catching up to competitors, closing windows of opportunity, and a constantly shifting landscape position that threatens your market position. Threats need to be countered and insights into emerging opportunities need to be exploited quickly.

Time is of the essence.

The reality is, however, that digital transformations that jump immediately into ‘solutioning’ without a comprehensive analysis of your existing environment, a clear definition of success – and an effective roadmap to achieve that success – will lead to suboptimal results or worse.

I’ve put almost all of my focus into strategy and creating great products. Within one week I was shown my business processes and how our software connected to them. Then T42 streamlined all of it.
—Jasmine W. Hospitality Industry

Charting the Path Forward

Digital transformation assessments are most effective when a targeted approach that focuses on successful business outcomes is employed:

“…firms need to develop digital transformation capability incrementally by focusing on ‘vital few’ improvement priorities for advancing progress….moreover, there is a lack of assessment methods, and those that exist do not specify improvement points explicitly, nor prioritize them.“*

T42 assessment, planning, and implementation services focus on specific and demonstrable outcomes that in turn enable the next transformational step, and the next, creating a cycle of continuous improvement.

The success of each step is tested against carefully defined KPIs and validated against key outcome results (OKRs) across tooling, processes, and adoption.

Leveraging success and lessons learned, the organization’s digital transformation continuously builds towards the ultimate goal of business model transformation.

Effective Assessment & Planning

While targeted in scope and aligned to high-priority goals – whether a process, function, or line of business – T42 engagements, while highly focused, are executed with 360 degree awareness of the business, its markets, and all relevant internal and external stakeholders

Our Transformation Strategy Assessment and Planning is designed to clarify and document the current state of digital maturity, establish performance measures, and define the goals (and anticipated outcomes) across four key areas:

  1. Business Environment
  2. Organizational Culture
  3. Business Processes
  4. Enterprise Architecture

The most crucial, and often overlooked, is culture. In particular, the velocity of change an organization is willing –or able – to accept. Programs for upskilling and programs to ensure speed of adoption are vital.

T42 addresses all factors. Utilizing an outcome-based approach to digital strategy, T42 creates a digital strategy roadmap unique to your requirements. One that will put your organization on the path to successful digital transformation.

* Lilla Hortovanyi, et al. (2023). Assessment of digital maturity: the role of resources and capabilities in digital transformation in B2B firms, International Journal of Production Research, 61:23, 8043-8061, DOI: 10.1080/00207543.2022.2164087

Business Environment

Business Strategy
  • Markets
  • Growth
  • Competitive Planning
  • Who are your nearest competitors?
Business Challenges
  • Impediments to growth
  • Market Share
Competitive Intelligence
  • Internal & external threats, opportunities, weaknesses & strengths (TOWS)
Digital Strategy & Challenges
Products & Services
  • Value Streams
  • Data flows
GRC Review
Revenue Generation
Cost Management
Data Monetization

Business Culture

Flow of Information & Knowledge
  • How does information flow through the business?
  • How is it controlled?
  • Safety mechanism for sensitive information and PII
  • Knowledge management practices (KM)
  • Learning & growth
Speed & Visibility of Decision Making
  • When are decisions made & who makes them?
  • How long do they take at the strategic, tactical & operational levels?
  • Decision visibility
Frequency of Feedback
  • Feedback loops
  • Value & measures
Change Velocity
  • Change Mgmt. Processes

Business Processes

Lines of Business (LOBs) Process Mapping
  • What do the processes that different LOBs look like?
  • Are they documented?
  • Is the documentation current?
  • Are there any planned changes to any of the LOBs?
Channel Process Mapping
  • What do support systems look like for the various functions (e.g. HR, finance, IT, operations)?
  • What are the Key Performance Indicators & strategic Objectives & Key Results for each process?
  • How long do they take and what value do they provide?

Enterprise Architecture

Business Architecture
  • Current architecture & how processes, capabilities, resources, strategies, and goals align.
Application Architecture
  • What tools are used to support the business?
  • Which tools connect with each other & how?
  • How is software managed?
Data Architecture
  • How is data created, used, stored, classified, managed, and shared?
Technology Architecture
  • What technology is being used on-prem and in cloud environments?
  • How do they connect?
  • How are assets managed?
Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery


Based on our analysis across all factors T42 provides deliverables that include:

  • A Findings Report,
  • Gap Analysis,
  • Recommendations, and
  • Roadmap

Based on our findings, the digital strategy and high-level plan recommendations outline the organization’s current state and provide future-state recommendations that comprehend your

business and market opportunities, threats, strengths, and weaknesses. Consequent to our findings, T42 will suggest the investments needed to achieve your objectives.

The assessment findings provide an actionable gap analysis (current state v. future state) and roadmap focused on those strategic initiatives that will have the most immediate impact

Crucially, having established current-state KPIs and OKRs, these can be mapped to implementation outcomes to measure improvements and validate results.

About Transform 42 Inc.

T42 is a digital transformation specialist relentlessly focused on delivering targeted, measurable, and sustainable outcomes against clearly defined success metrics. Deploying a people-first strategy, we implement tooling, modernization, and process enhancement that enable people to interpret, develop insights, and act on that data to better serve the business and its customers.

T42 partners with our clients to design and implement digital strategies that survive growth and change.

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