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Become a SAFe® Scrum Master and Guide Your Team to Success.

What is the SAFe® Scrum Master course?

Our SAFe® Scrum Master Course provides you with both the mindset and skillset to be an effective scrum master, focusing on instilling scrum values and fostering a collaborative environment.

You'll gain the tools to work efficiently in remote setups, empowering Agile teams to perform at their best and deliver real business value. This comprehensive training is designed to elevate your career and set you on a path to becoming an indispensable asset in any Agile organization.

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SAFe® Scrum Master Training

  • Product Owner Product Manager or SAFe Scrum Master Classes with instructor to student radio 1:10 and exam voucher

    ............... $1995

  • A month of 1 hour group tutoring twice a week after the class

    ............... $755

  • Will work will US based recruiters to promote your resume and skills to help you land your next career.

    ............... $455

WHAT is the SAFe® Scrum Master Course?

If you're looking to enhance your agility and dive deep into the Scrum framework, our SAFe® Scrum Master course offer you a comprehensive learning experience.

The SAFe® Scrum Master Course goes a step further, teaching you how to seamlessly integrate Scrum principles within a Scaled Agile Framework, empowering Agile teams to lead in a corporate setting. Taught by globally respected Agile trainers, our courses are interactive, hands-on, and designed to equip you with skills you can immediately apply to expand your career opportunities.

Guide and steer Agile teams to success• Conduct key Agile activities such as planning cycles, team coordination meetings, and review sessions
• Assist teams in organizing and executing their tasks
• You'll also become proficient in servant leadership principles essential for vital SAFe team positions, giving you the capability to cultivate teams that are high-performing

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WHO should take the SAFe® Scrum Master Course?


Individuals unfamiliar with agile methodologies will benefit from the topics discussed in the SAFe® SM program. Given that Scrum can be employed across various sectors and potentially interdisciplinary teams, professionals such as marketers, data analysts, HR specialists, and others seeking enhanced problem-solving approaches are advised to participate.

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